is accessed via your local intranet, or via the internet, using a browser link provided by your Administrator. This link will access the application and display the Login dialog box where you must enter your user name and password.

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To login to

  1. Enter the user name and password provided by your Administrator.

  2. Click Logon.

    This will display the community that has been set as your homepage.

Tip: For easy access to, add the link to the Favourites list in your browser.

Each user is provided with unique logon details. In order to ensure data security, please do not disclose your logon details to anyone.

Tip: If are logged on to but haven't used it for some time, the Login dialog reappears and you must re-enter your password. This prevents another, unauthorised, user from using the system while logged on as you.

If you have forgotten your user name or password, click the Forgotten Password link.